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Patient Focused Care

Bakersfield Heart Hospital is built for patient focused care. Our patients have access to advanced technology and surgical techniques in a hospital specially designed for their treatment and recovery. From admission until discharge, patient care focuses on personal needs, comfort and convenience.

BHH Employment

The Bakersfield Heart Hospital is a 47 bed cardiac specialty hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, bringing together the most highly skilled health professionals, the finest facilities and the newest equipment.

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Cardiac Rehab

Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation is a total health and fitness program designed to benefit patients recently hospitalized or under treatment for coronary heart disease. Our Cardiac Rehab Staff provides the individualized support and attention each patient needs to recover quickly and resume a full, satisfying life. We help our patients and their families understand what causes heart disease and how to reduce the risk of recurrent problems. Our goal is to provide positive guidance for healthy living at the right level of activity. Rehabilitation plans are tailored to each patient's individual needs, abilities and medical condition.

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is comprised of two phases.

Phase I
At Bakersfield Heart Hospital, your recovery begins immediately. Cardiac Rehab Phase I begins in the hospital, as soon as your acute heart conditions is under control. Our cardiac rehab nurses provide support, education, and information about pertinent cardiac problems and risk factors to every patient and their family.

Phase II
Cardiac Rehab Phase II is an outpatient program of exercise and education. Patients who need cardiac strengthening are referred by their physician, and need not have completed Phase I. Before entering our program, a health history and the results of an exercise walk test are needed to develop a personal exercise prescription. This phase lasts 12 weeks with hour-long monitored exercise sessions, three time a week. Each patent's progress is reviewed often, and the exercise plan is adjusted as the heart/lung capacity improves. Each physician is also advised of their patient's progress. At the completion of this phase, advances in workload performed from the start of the program to the finish will be used to measure your overall success.

Exercising in our Cardiac Rehab Program

During exercise therapy, patients use such heart-strengthening equipment as digital treadmills, ellipticals, bicycles, stair climber, and arm ergometer. Phase II sessions include a warm-up stage of low-level exercise, a sustained aerobic stage, and a final "cool down" stage of muscle strengthening and relaxation.

Our Staff

Our Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is staffed by a highly skilled team of health professionals committed to the finest standards of safety and quality care. Our team includes an Exercise Specialist, Cardiac Care Registered Nurse, Care Partner and Physician Medical Director. We can also coordinate referrals to a Registered Dietitian or Counselor as needed.

Fees and Insurance

Medicare and private insurance companies generally cover a major portion of the cost of Cardiac Rehabilitation. For specific questions about the extent of coverage or co-payments, please check with your insurance carrier or employment benefits manager.

Cardiac Rehab Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do when I arrive for my cardiac rehab appointment?
Free parking is available in front of the main hospital entrance, labeled "Patient and Guest Parking". You will enter through the main hospital entrance and check in at the Registration desk.

Do I need to bring anything to cardiac rehab?
Water and towels are provided in the Cardiac Rehab Center. Diabetics, please bring your glucometer and test strips as you will need to test prior to beginning any exercise. Please also bring a snack in case you need it.

What should I wear in the BHH Cardiac Rehab Center?
Clothing that is comfortable and allows you to move freely is recommended. Shorts, T-Shirts, and workout pants are all acceptable. Monitor leads will need to be placed on your chest and stomach, so your shirt should not be constricting. The monitor has a belt clip, but a shirt with a pocket works well also. Please wear comfortable, supportive shoes as you will be walking and working out in the Cardiac Rehab Center. Please avoid wearing cologne or perfume out of respect for other patients and staff with allergies.

Should I eat prior to coming in for my exercise session?
Yes, a light meal or snack is recommended no more than an hour or so prior to your appointment. Diabetics, eat to ensure your blood sugar is stable during your exercise session.

Is there a place where I can change my clothes?
Yes. We have a dressing room and lockers in the BHH Cardiac Rehab Center for your use. If you wish to lock the locker, please provide your own lock. Your belongings may not be stored overnight.

Are family members permitted?
Family members will not be able to exercise with you, but are encouraged to attend the education portion of your session with you (the last 30 minutes of your appointment). There is seating in the Cardiac Rehab Center or the hospital lobby for your family members.

Contact Us

If you need further information, you or your physician may contact our Cardiac Rehabiliation Center at 661-852-6320.