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Patient Focused Care

Bakersfield Heart Hospital is built for patient focused care. Our patients have access to advanced technology and surgical techniques in a hospital specially designed for their treatment and recovery. From admission until discharge, patient care focuses on personal needs, comfort and convenience.

BHH Employment

The Bakersfield Heart Hospital is a 47 bed cardiac specialty hospital dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular disease, bringing together the most highly skilled health professionals, the finest facilities and the newest equipment.

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The BHH Story

Thirteen years ago, this hospital was founded by physicians who came together to create cardiovascular care that is patient-centric, physician-led and high quality.

These doctors intentionally recruited the best care providers from the local community and we are blessed to have many of them still working at the Heart Hospital.
The guiding principles and ideals of CCG are aligned with those of the founding physicians:

Doing the right thing and only the right for our patients,
Quality care,
Robust information technology, and
Creating an Integrated Delivery Network to overcome fragmentation of care.

We are in the health care business. That means we're in the business to help people be healthy but we are also in the business of caring. Showing empathy to our patients and families creates a good patient experience and we want to treat people the way we want to be treated - the way we want our parents, our brothers, our sisters, our children to be treated.

Our goal is to make Bakersfield Heart Hospital that kind of hospital.

Lindsey's Story

Lindsey is a nurse at Bakersfield Heart Hospital. At a young age she became a patient herself, which really helped to shape her skills as a caretaker. Listen how one of her patients "adopted" Lindsey into her own family after a near death experience.

Amy's Story

Amy was at a party when her husband began feeling sick. She helped get him to an emergency department when she experienced a sharp pain. She didn't realize what had happened to her until she woke up six days later to find she was at the Bakersfield Heart Hospital. Hear her story.

Brian's Story

Brian is a younger man who came into Bakersfield Heart Hospital with complaints of chest pain. He seemed too young to be having a heart attack and then the doctor saw his heart had stopped. What would the doctors say to his young daughter who was asking to see her father? Watch to find out.

Veteran's Story

When you see your doctor on a regular basis, you form a bond. Many of Dr. Maddox's patients shared with him their war stories over the years - many stories their own children had never heard. Listen to Dr. Maddox tell about his patients and how he honors these men who fought for our country.

Tom's Story

Tom is a tough attorney and is used to winning arguments. But when he called his doctor about not feeling well and his doctor told him to go to Bakersfield Heart Hospital - there was no opportunity for debate! Tom heeded his doctor's directive and it is a good thing because he wouldn't be here today if he hadn't. Listen to Tom's story.

BHH Recognized for Quality

Excerpt taken from Becker's Hospital Review Article...

81 Physician-Owned Hospitals to Know | 2014
Written by Helen Adamopoulos, Ayla Ellison, Heather Punke May 14, 2014

Becker's Hospital Review is pleased to name the following hospitals to the list of 81 Physician-Owned Hospitals to Know. Physician-owned hospitals are a unique breed, with just about 240 in the United States. The following hospitals are among the highest performers, having earned recognition from various sources, including Truven Health Analytics, Healthgrades, The Joint Commission, Press Ganey and CareChex.

Note: This list is not an endorsement of included hospitals or associated healthcare providers. The following content should be used for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute professional medical advice. All hospitals listed have at least partial ownership by a physician(s). Hospitals cannot pay to be included on this list and are presented in alphabetical order.

Bakersfield (Calif.) Heart Hospital. Since opening in 1999, Bakersfield Heart Hospital has earned a reputation for patient satisfaction and offering quality care. Among its top ranked specialties, this 47-bed hospital is known for cardiac care. In 2013, Bakersfield Heart Hospital was ranked in the top 10 percent nationally by CareChex for its cardiac care services. Bakersfield also received Healthgrades' Coronary Interventional Excellence Award in 2014. The hospital ranks among the top in the nation for its ability to prevent infections, medical errors and other complications, which was recognized by Healthgrades in 2013 when it presented Bakersfield the Patient Safety Excellence Award.

See the article in its entirety here:

Information Card

The information card is recommended for anyone over the age of 40 years old.

Heat Stroke

Heat Stroke Symptoms: High Temperature, Confusion, A lack of sweating, Nausea and vomiting, Flushed skin, Rapid breathing, Rapid heart beat, Headache, Unconsciousness, Muscle cramps or weakness.

It is important when experiencing these symptoms to seek immediate medical help.